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The year is 2076. Nine months after an event that has been called many names, but most seem to prefer ‘The Seattle Flush’, Seattle is still in the process of recovering from a devastating and unnatural tidal wave that is believed to have been conjured by members of the Salish-Shidhe Council. It is believed that this act was one of vengeance due to the fact that several weeks before hand their capitol city of Bellingham was obliterated by a large nuclear missile.

No governments or large companies have yet to step up and take the credit/blame for this action.

Seattle’s population of 4 million (plus an estimated 2 million unregistered) has been reduced to an estimate of 3 million in total. Although it is hard to know because Seattle’s remaining government and police forces are busy trying to re-establish order as quickly as possible. Although support is coming in some form or another by every other UCAS state, food and supplies are still in high demand.

The main problem people are facing nowadays is many different gangs are trying to fill the power gap left behind by the devastating loss of manpower. Seattles main police force Lonestar has seen heavy losses and have only managed to keep order in a few small areas throughout the city, safe havens for those who have no comparable way to fend for themselves.

All of this destruction and loss of life has put a toll on Seattle and the UCAS. If the Salish-Shidhe Council’s objective was to deal a devastating blow to the UCAS then they have succeeded. However, something very unusual has taken place in light of this…..

Some people have been reporting having developed supernatural abilities. New abilities that are beyond that of reported magic users and even those of the mysterious technomancers who can weave the fabric of the matrix with their minds alone and can manipulate data without needing a data jack. These new type of ability users have become known as the ‘side effected’

It is unknown why these ‘side effected’ individuals have developed these abilities. But some (top secret) magical forensics teams have noticed that the tidal wave left the entire city of Seattle brimming with magical energies. Even experienced mages have a hard time simply looking through astral space due to the huge amount of energy. It is believed that certain individuals who are more prone to these magics have been infused with these supernatural abilities.

One of these individuals is Jack “Jin” Reymar. Jack is 22 years old and was born and raised in Seattle. His ‘side effect’ to the magical surge left by the great wave is unknown to just about everyone but himself, but Jack can predict the future with astounding accuracy. He can’t see the immediate future, for example the precise moment when a ganger will swing his bat at him. Instead, Jacks future prediction ability reaches hours, days, weeks or even months ahead of where he is at the time. Jack can also see different potential paths through time, some which are worse or better for those he cares about.

Jack’s former shaddowrunner alias was “Jin” and although he still goes by that alias, his shadowrunning days are currently on hiatus. Jin has devoted as much of his time as possible to help the struggling people of Seattle to get back on their feet, especially the youth. Jin has fought hard to maintain enough food and resources and he now has several safe havens for children and teenagers alike to learn to work together and to survive. Jin has an estimated following of 50-80 teenagers, ages ranging from 15-19 who have been training night and day to learn to protect themselves and their new younger friends from being forcefully assimilated into the many gangs who are currently after them to increase their number and therefore their foothold on land in Seattle.

While all of this is happening on the surface of Seattle. Something else is happening. Something that Jack Reymar can feel somewhere at the end of his reach into the future and it terrifies him to the core. He doesn’t know exactly what it is all he knows is it’s something bad. Very very bad.

Home Page

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